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Palgongsan Hot Spring Tourist Hotel

  • Palgongsan Hot Spring Tourist Hotel (title image)
Intro :
Palgongsan Hot Spring Tourist Hotel is located inside Mt. Palgongsan Provincial Park, which offers a magnificent view with luxuriant forests and clean valleys. It is Daegu’s first hot spring tourist hotel equipped with an open-air hot spring. Besides this, Palgongsan Hot Spring Tourist Hotel allows the guests to enjoy the hot springs in various ways with diverse facilities, including banquet halls, Korean and western restaurants, a coffee shop, karaoke, an ondol lounge, an underground tunnel jjimjilbang, a waterfall bath, a cave bath, a Hinoki bath, and fog sauna, etc. Palgongsan Hot Spring Tourist Hotel, which is built in harmony with the beautiful Mt. Palgongsan, has 35 guest rooms and elegant banquet facilities. Also, the Na-CI type hot spring water, with moderate alkaline of the highest water quality, has proven effective in treating and preventing neuralgia, various stomach disorders, skin problems, obesity, chronic fatigue, detoxification, challenges associated with aging, and osteoporosis, etc.
Address :
89-16 Yongsu-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu
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