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Hotel GS Plaza

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Intro :
GS Plaza Hotel opened in 2002 with a mission to offer “a new hotel with a new concept”. GS Plaza Hotel is based in Daegu, but strives to become the Korea’s number one hotel. It provides special services that offer great comfort for visitors, as well as Daegu residents. GS Plaza Hotel shares happiness and joy with their guests by sometimes making the place into a comfortable home, and for others, providing a high-class space. GS Plaza Hotel always endeavors to give their guests a comfortable experience.
Guest rooms (88), business center, Korean restaurant, Japanese restaurant, banquet halls, coffee shop, cocktail bar, restaurants, fitness center, etc.
A parking lot with 300 spaces
(All credit cards accepted)
Address :
1060-1 Bangchon-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu
Phone :
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