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Yeongjin Amigo Hotel

  • Yeongjin Amigo Hotel (title image)
  • Yeongjin Amigo Hotel (first image)
Intro :
The Sky Lounge on the 21st floor gives you the whole view of Daegu, Our guests enjoy clean, comfortable guest rooms with complete services. As a first-class hotel, Daegu Amigo Hotel provides high-quality food at moderate prices with 125 guest rooms, which is popular among businesspeople. It is located in the heart of Daegu, which is a city of culture and education. It offers excellent facilities and courteous services as a five-star hotel with a long history and tradition.
Leports facilities, saunas, health club, Japanese restaurant, Chinese restaurant, the Sky Lounge, Korean restaurant, western restaurant, coffee shop, banquet halls, etc. All credit cards accepted.
Address :
28-1 Haseo-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu
Phone :