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Currency Gallery

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Intro :
The Currency Gallery is situated on the first floor of the Bank of Korea near the Gukchaebosang Memorial Park. The Currency Gallery is comprised of two halls, Korean Currency Hall and World Currency Hall., Twelve hundred currencies and related items from 65 countries, from ancient to modern times, are on display. The Korean Currency Hall presents the changes of Korean money, at a glance, from the past to the present. The World Currency Hall displays various foreign currencies including the world's first currency and gold and silver money. In particular, currencies of North Korea are also displayed, which offers an opportunity to compare the change of currencies between the South and North.
Address :
80 Dongin-dong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu
Phone :
82-53-429-0244, 0247
Hours :
10am to 4:30pm(a reservation is needed) Closed Weekends and Holidays
Homepage :
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