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Soccer Field

Daegu Stadium

  • Daegu Stadium (title image)
Intro :
Managed By: Daegu Sports Facility Management Office
Date of Construction: `01. 06.
Site Area (㎡): 512479
Field Area (㎡): 141578
By creating the image of the earth on the roof of the stadium, it stands for the terrain of the Daedeoksan (Mt.) of Daegu that could accommodate all people of the world under one roof . It illustrates the continuity of natural scenery and
harmonious artificial sculptures, while adding the beautiful curves of the roofs of traditional Korean houses. It applied Teflon coating (PTFE) for the roof so that 74% of the stands can receive natural lighting, in order to foster a pleasant
viewing environment. In addition, by constructing a feasible pathway system and procuring international scale seating of 65,857 seats by applying an assembly-type light partition in the internal space that can prepare for later
utilization plans, audience exit time can be minimized (to about 7 minutes). Furthermore, through computer control, the stadium provides optimal sound, broadcasting and high-definition screens to be a convenient facility for the local
community, and offer a place of rest by establishing social sports facilities, a community plaza, an outdoor music hall, and fountains, etc. Installation By procuring 65,857 seats, which is the biggest in the nation, it is possible to host important games such as semi-finals and finals . By applying a Teflon coating (PTFE) roof, in which 74% of the stands can receive natural lighting, offer a pleasant viewing environment Through exclusive power (2 circuit) from KEPCO, no black-out power system Uses electronic power supply and various system integrated management High tech monitoring system (CCTV) for supplementing facilities and protecting people Install remote parking information system for procuring easy parking Mechanic equipment that can cut energy use and offer pleasant environments
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504 Daeheung-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu
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