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Swimming Pool

Olympic Memorial Citizen Life Hall

  • Olympic Memorial Citizen Life Hall (title image)
Intro :
Managed By : Daegu YMCA
Date of Construction : `91. 8
Site Area (㎡) : 9918
Field Area (㎡) : 6572

Sports Facilities: Gym, ping pong table, fitness, swimming pool, physical fitness class, aerobics, Auxiliary facilities: auditorium, culture class, music room, library, conference room, consultation room, exhibition, computer room, restaurant, shop

※ Surrounding Environment
- Outdoor Facility: Small field, parking lot (34 spaces), landscape
- Landscape: Contains 18 types of water fountains and used as a nature and environment education area with the Bonri park

Key Programs
[Life Sports Program]
Operating female, housewife fitness class
- Housewife swimming class, housewife fitness gymnastics class, housewife table tennis class, etc.
Lifelong health class: Senior health swimming
Children Swimming Class
- Mom and child, baby swimming, children swimming
Infant, children gomduri(Children with disabilities) swimming
- Infant gomduri(Children with disabilities) swimming, children gomduri(Children with disabilities) swimming
Infant, children, teen physical fitness class
- Boys soccer, children's basketball, children's kendo, Infant ballet, teen ballet, children baseball
Working Adult Health Class: Morning swim, Night swim

[Social Education Program]
Adult education: florist, calligraphy, paper folding, maternity aid, charming disco, teaching your child (writing, reading), foreign language conversation (Japanese, English), sports dance, singing class, foot care
Children education: Fairy tales, clay, paper folding, drawing, science, writing, presentation skills, expression class, Edison science, logic, NIC< English conversation, lego doctor science, mini-robot making, violin, Kid's English
Outdoor Education: Various camp programs

[Social welfare programs]
Community library project
- Reading seats: 45
- Books: Total 10,731 (General 5,347, kids' 5,247, Reference 137)
Senior College (Neulbom College)
- Olympic Memorial Exhibit
- Hours: Mon~Sat 10:00~17:00
Address :
San 37-5 Bon-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu
Phone :