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Annual Festivals of Daegu

Textile & Fashion Festival

The Textile Festival was initiated as a sub-plan of the municipal master plan, “Milano Project." The festival primarily aims at introducing Daegu as a large textile production center to the world and is held twice a year, in the spring and autumn.

The spring festival is part of Preview In Daegu (Daegu's annual international textile fair) and the autumn festival is held during the same period with the Dalgubeol Festival. The main programs of the Textile Festival include a sewing competition, textile design contests, swimwear show, Korean traditional costume (Hanbok) exhibition, traditional embroidery exhibition, etc. Fashion Center Korea and Daegu Culture & Arts Center are the main venues for the festival. During the festival, the city government invites overseas buyers, to promote the export of local textile products.

Textile & Fashion Festival


Preview In DAEGU (PID)

Preview In DAEGU (PID)Preview In DAEGU is an international textile fair annually held in March. Its purpose is to showcase upcoming fashion trends for both citizens and enterprises.

The fair includes seminars and symposiums on fashion trends and textile technologies, textile and fashion design contests, fashion shows in various themes, and fashion exhibitions. PID presents the upcoming year's spring/summer trends, while Preview In SEOUL displays the upcoming year's fall/winter trends.
* See the PID website for details.


Yangnyeongsi Festival

This is an Oriental medicine festival that celebrates the 350-year tradition of Korean Herbal medicine in Daegu Yangnyeongsi (Medicine Market).

Yangnyeongsi Festival is held  every May on Yakjeon-golmok Street and in Yangnyeongsi Exhibition Hall. Yakjeon-golmok Street is located in Namseong-dong, Jung-gu,  opposite the Jungang Police Box. This 700-meter long street is totally occupied by medicinal herb wholesalers, Oriental medicine pharmacies, acupuncturists' clinics, medical instrument stores and other related facilities.

Yangnyeongsi Festival

Yangnyeongsi Market and Yakjeon-golmok Street originated from Daegu Medicinal Herb Fair that was held during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) from the 16th century. The market used to be an important supplier of medicinal herb to China, Manchuria, and Russia from the mid-Joseon period. On the street of Yakjeon-golmok, visitors can experience medicinal herb cures and purchase first-class medicines at lower prices. Particularly, during the festival, they can find herb flower gardens, galleries of Oriental medicine equipment and competitions for chopping dried medicinal herbs, etc. Additionally visitors can enjoy medicinal herb teas, liquors and rice cakes and other
traditional foods featuring medicinal ingredients.


Dongseongno Festival

Dongseongno FestivalThis festival is led mainly by the merchants' cooperative of Dongseong-ro Street in Jung-gu (District), Daegu. Dongseong-ro Street is the city's busiest street, always full of lively young people and gorgeous stores. Every May when the flags of all nations fly over the sky of Dongseong-ro, the Dongseongno Festival starts with the fanfare of a marching band. For the festival, special events such as Cheonwangmegigut (heaven worshipping ritual), Nalmoebukchum (drum dance) and many traditional folk games are performed along with pop concerts.

Visitors can have their portrait painted by a street artist on a corner of this street. They can enjoy the pleasure of thrift shopping at the stores offering big sales during this festival.


Bongsan Fine Art Festival

This fine art festival is held on Bongsan Culture and Art Street for 12 days in the middle of October every year.

During the festival, galleries standing along this street present various exhibitions and seminars on fine art. They also prepare other diverse activities, including great road paintings, body painting and installation art. Visitors can join in creating works of art on the street.

Bongsan Fine Art Festival


Palgong Goryeo Cultural Festival

Palgong Goryeo Cultural FestivalThis festival is aimed at promoting the passion of Korea's post Three Kingdoms in the 10th century toward the unification of the Korean Peninsula. Scenes from the famous battle "Dongsudaejeon" are accurately reenacted and historical plays are performed by amateur actors and actresses. The festival consists of environmental updates, a teenagers' festival and sales of local specialties. Dong-gu District Office hosts this festival every October and Dong-gu Palgong Cultural Center is in charge of organizing specific programs for the festival.

The memorial to General Shin Sung-gyeom and Geumhogang River Ecology Park are the two venues for major events during the Palgong Goryeo Cultural Festival.


Mt. Biseulsan Azalea Festival

On a highland over an altitude of 1,000 meters grow large groups of azalea flowers in a vast area of 300,000 Korean pyeong (1 pyeong = 3.954 sq. yds) on the Biseulsan Mountains.

The Azalea Festival is held between April and May when azalea blooms in its peak. The main events include a recital contest of azalea poems, a drum dance performance, climbing contest and Korean folk games.

Mt. Biseulsan Azalea Festival


Dalseong Chunghyoje

Dalseong ChunghyojeThis festival awakens the spirit of loyalty and filial piety in the minds of the youth in order to pass down good traditions to the next generation.

Daegu is a traditionally well-known city for its people who are loyal to the country and respect their seniors and the aged.

Chunghyoje is held in Dalseong-gun Community Stadium every October. Feasts for the aged, performances by farmers' band and various cultural exhibitions make this festival as rich as the autumnal crop of the season.


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