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[Questions][re] Internship possibilities Tourism department Daegu Metropolitan City


Dear Renée Bos,


Thank you very much for your interest in doing an internship in Daegu City.

We have an internship program only in collaboration with local universities: overseas intern students are selected by two local universities and sent us for one semester in part time 12 hours a week, usually from March to June and September to December. We only provide interns with a desk, a chair, a computer with Internet access and a phone which are shared by other intern students in the International Affairs and Trade Division, Daegu Metropolitan government. No financial support from our side. The universities including Kyungpook National University and Yeungnam University take care of intern students according to their agreement with overseas partner universities.

Therefore, we are sorry but our circumstances do not allow us to accept any individual intern. You may also contact to Daegu Convention Bureau (Mr. Park Youngho, secretary-general, to find out whether they are interested in an intern program or not.


Hoeran Kim

International Relations Officer

International Affairs & Trade Division