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21 opening business 2612
20 Banking requirements 8137
19 I can't open the Daegu e-map file. 8855
18 Is there a good bass fishing spot accessible by taxi near Daegu? 9399
17 Where do I have to contact to get tourism information in Korea? 7896
16 How many cars are in Daegu? 8475
15 Where the train stops in Daegu from Seoul? I want to go to Camp Henry. 10970
14 Where can I buy the Daegu FC uniform? 9018
13 Could you send a recent brochure on the subway construction in Daegu? 7800
12 Could you give us some information about Optical Frames products in your city? 8179
11 I would like to know some information about the Uiseong area (Sagok-myeon). 8590
10 Which hotels in the city are the cheapest to stay at? Where can I find information on this subject? 6559
9 I am a tourist who likes subways, and was wondering if I could get some maps and pictures of your system. 11011
8 I am a foreign tourist travelling in Korea. Where can I get reliable internet service in the city of Daegu? 5450
7 I would like to experience the culture of Korea in Daegu including the medicinal herb market & pagodas/Buddhist areas! 5631
6 I am looking for information on handgliding or paragliding facilities in or around Daegu. Can you give me any information regarding location, cost and services available? 5669
5 Is Daegu a big city, is there a lot to do, and how is the weather? 11090
4 My international drivers permit and Canadian license has expired. Is there a way foreigners can get a Korean license? 9918
3 I have a Canadian driver's license and I want to get a Korean license quickly. Any idea about the process? Where to start? 5760
2 How different are Daegu and Taegu? 10562