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Frequently Asked Question

[Questions]I have a Canadian driver's license and I want to get a Korean license quickly. Any idea about the process? Where to start?

You can get the Korean license at the Driver's License Agency( in about 20 major cities. The phone number of DLA Seoul office is 82-2-374-0393~5 and the fax number is 82-2-374-0080. Daegu office phone number is 82-53-311-4092(4095, 4066) and the fax number is 82-53-311-6646.

Also you need the Canadian license, your passport, your identification card, 3 half-card-size photographs, and about 15,000 won(= about 10 US dollars) when you visit a DLA office. Please don't forget to visit there in person: it means nobody except you can get your license, only you can. If you have other problems concerning your driver's license you can inquire at a police station nearby. Good luck!

Any more questions are welcomed any time. I can give you more informations about addresses, road maps, transportations, and so on for your visiting a DLA office.