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Frequently Asked Question

[Questions]My international drivers permit and Canadian license has expired. Is there a way foreigners can get a Korean license?

You can get the Korean license through the same procedure with Koreans at the Driver's License Agency ( located in about 20 major cities. It is also possible to take the paper exam in English.

The phone number of DLA Seoul office is 82-2-374-0393~5 and the fax number is 82-2-374-0080. Daegu office's phone number is 82-53-311-4092 (4095, 4066) and the fax number is 82-53-311-6646.
You need the certificate of foreign registration, 2 half-card-size photographs (3.5x4.5 cm), and 8,500 won (= approx. US$7.00) when you visit a DLA office.

Additionally I'd like to offer you a useful internet site to get informations about foreigners' living in Korea.
The domain is and it is run by the Immigration Bureau. I hope it will be helpful to you. Good luck!