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Frequently Asked Question

[Questions]I would like to know some information about the Uiseong area (Sagok-myeon).

Uiseong-eup (capital town of Uiseong-gun) is about 60 km north of the City of Daegu, located between Daegu and Andong. Sagok-myeon is 12 km east of Uiseong-eup. The population of Uiseong-gun (1 eup and 17 myeons) is 72,291 and the area is 1,176 ㎢. The region is a countryside including farmlands that produce garlic, apple, and red pepper mainly. Garlic from Uiseong is the most famous garlic in Korea.

Inter-city bus between Daegu and Uiseong-eup runs 10 times a day, one hour required from the Bukbu Bus Terminal. The first bus departs around 7 a.m. and the last around 7 p.m. You can find where Uiseong-gun is at

The area of Sagok-myeon is 73.37 square kilometers and the population is 2,326 people (household: 1,008 units). There is an elementary school and a middle school. I presume that it is a very small countryside town.