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Direction of 2014 Budget Planning

The Daegu Metropolitan City budget for the year 2014 is designed as a ‘solid budget to prepare for the future’ and seeks to ensure public safety for Daegu citizens and expand upon the city’s growth potentials.


  • Budgeted funds for expanding growth potentials to create food items for the future will be used to: invest in creating future growth engine and establishing a foundation for a creative economy through industrial enhancement.
  • Budgeted funds for expanding SOC and ensuring the safety of citizens will be used to: provide more convenient public transportation (including developing the Daegu Metro Line 3, etc.) and create an even safer city by establishing an integrated control center for CCTV cameras, etc.
  • Budgeted funds for culture, education, and welfare will be used to: strengthen support for the city’s culture and art, expand educational investments, and push forwards citizen-focused welfare programs
  • Budgeted funds to improve citizens’ quality of life will be used to: continue to invest in the improvement of the urban environment by funding urban regeneration projects, creating pocket parks, and conducting river improvement projects, etc.


Projected Budget

  • The 2014 totals KRW 6,020,600,000,000, which is an increase of KRW 112.1 (1.9%) from the previous year.
  • Funds for general accounts total KRW 4,414,700,000,000, which is an increase of KRW 194.7 billion (△4.6%) from the previous year.
  • Funds for special accounts total KRW 1,605,900,000,000, which is a decrease of KRW 82.6 billion (∇4.9%) from the previous year.


Allocation of Investment Resources by Field

  • The total net investment for 2014 is KRW 3,996,600,000,000.
  • The total investment for 2014 is KRW 4,339,800,000,000 (general accounts: KRW 2,971,400,000,000; special accounts: KRW 1,368,400,000,000)
  • The total net investments amounts to KRW 3,996,600,000,000 where overlapping transfer expenses to accounts of KRW 343.2 billion were deducted (increased by KRW 24.5 billion to record 0.6% increase)
  • Present status of the allocation of investment resources
  • 2014: Economy & Science KRW 4,179 million, Culture & Sports KRW 2,284 million, Social Welfare KRW 18,770 million,Urban Environment KRW 5,927 million,Roads & Transportation KRW 7,334 million,Public Safety KRW 1,472 million,    2013: Economy & Science KRW 4,616 million, Culture & Sports KRW 2,272 million, Social Welfare KRW 16,197 million,Urban Environment KRW 6,374 million,Roads & Transportation KRW 9,047 million,Public Safety KRW 1,215 million

(Unit: KRW 100 million)


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