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A Day in Daegu

The following shows various statistics of a day in Daegu.
This information will help you get a better idea of Daegu.

A Day in Daegu
Number of births 59 persons Amount of exports US$19,135,000
Number of deaths 34 persons Amount of imports US$13,361,000
Number of marriages 37 couples Number of visits to public libraries 26,706 visits
Number of divorces 14 couples Number of new cars registered 201 cars
Number of population movement 1,242 persons Amount of local taxes levied KRW 5,6871 million
Amount of oil consumption 3,907㎘ Number of civil affair documents handled 26,411 cases
Amount of power usage 40,972MWh Number of criminal cases 268 cases
Amount of water supply consumption 838,000㎥ Number of fires 5 cases
Amount of city gas consumption 3,026,000㎥ Number of traffic accidents 39 cases
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