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Friendship Cities

Shenyang, China

Shenyang, ChinaShenyang is the largest city in the three northeastern provinces (Liao Ning Sheng, Hei Long Jiang Sheng, and Ji Lin Sheng) of China, and the traditional hometown of the heavy industry such as mechanics, automobile, pharmacy, chemical industry, and aviation, metallurgy, light industry textiles, dried materials and electronic industry are rapidly growing.

  • Location : Eastern marine city in China
  • Population : 6.85 million
  • Area : 12,980㎢
  • Website :
  • Friendly relationship established on December 9, 2003


Yangzhou, China

Yangzhou, ChinaWith a history of 2500 years, the city of Yangzhou, which is the key point for water and land transportation, is an international trade city. Lying in central Jiangsu Province, the city of Yangzhou has the Changjiang River to the south, the Huaihe River to the north, and the Grand Canal flowing through its urban area. It was built 2,480 years ago.

  • Location : 300km away from Shanghi, China
  • Population : 4.70 million
  • Area : 6.638㎢
  • Website :
  • Friendly relationship established on March 21, 2003


Yancheng, China

Yancheng, ChinaYancheng: Located in the central part of Jianghuai Plain in northern Jiangsu, the city of Yancheng with the Yellow Sea to the east and vast stretches of marshland in the western suburbs presents an enchanting landscape. Yancheng is well known as a sewing, machine, food, and chemical city in the Central part of China.

  • Location : Central part of China
  • Population : 7.956 million
  • Area : 15,000㎢
  • Website :
  • Friendly relationship established on December 7, 2003


Danang, Vietnam

Danang, VietnamOne of the four largest cities in Vietnam. Danang is located in the central part of Vietnam, which has diverse geographical features such as plains, mountains, forests, rivers, sea and islands. The city has an international airport, seaport, railway and roads. It is also the gateway to the Pacific Ocean from the trans-Asian route. These facilities promote trade within Vietnam with its neighboring countries and with the rest of the world. Major industries are textile, shoes, chemical, iron, etc.

  • Location : Central part of Vietnam
  • Population : 750 Thousand
  • Area : 1,256㎢
  • Website :
  • Friendly relationship established on October 21, 2004


Kobe, Japan

Danang, VietnamSince the opening of the Kobe Port in 1868, the food, fashion, and tourism industries, including Western-style cakes, Kobe beef, alcoholic beverages, etc., have seen considerable development in Kobe. After the Kobe earthquake in 1995, in order to re-establish the infrastructure of the damaged city, the Kobe Medical Industry City Plan was established to create Japan’s largest high-tech medical cluster. Kobe was selected as the Design City by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in 2008.

  • Location : located in Osaka Bay in eastern Seto Naikai
  • Population : 1.53 million
  • Area : 552.8㎢
  • Website :
  • Friendly relationship established on July 23, 2010


Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh, VietnamAs the largest city in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh has the biggest international airport and port. The city is the economic center with 15 industrial complexes where over 300,000 companies - mainly manufacturing and construction industries - are located. 


Shaoxing, China

Shaoxing, ChinaLocated in the east-central part of Zhejiang Province, Shaoxing was the capital of Yue State, which is famous for the old Chinese proverb, “Sleep on brushwood and taste gall.” With ancient castles and a culture dating back 2,500 years, the city was also the home of Lu Xun, a leading figure of modern Chinese literature, and premier Zhou Enlai. Also, Shaoxing wine is one of the most popular varieties of huangjiu, a Chinese alcoholic beverage, and the city is the home of Light & Textile City, the largest fabric manufacturing and wholesale market in China.

  • Location : East-central Zhejiang Province
  • Population : 4.96 million
  • Area : 8,256㎢
  • Website :
  • Friendly relationship established on October 26, 2015


Wuhan, China

Shaoxing, ChinaThe capital city of Hubei, China, Wuhan is a combination of three cities: Wuchang, Hankou, Hanyang. It is a hub of politics, economy, finance, culture and transportation in central China and is the city with the second largest number of higher education institutions (universities) in the country. Due to its humid summer weather, Wuhan is known as one of “China’s three furnaces” together with Nanjing and Chongqing.

  • Location : Hubei Province
  • Population : 10.34 million
  • Area : 8,494㎢
  • Website :
  • Friendly relationship established on March 24, 2016


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