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City Hall

City Hall


Planning and Coordination Bureau More View
ㆍPolicy Planning Office
ㆍBudget Office
ㆍEvaluation Office
ㆍTax Administration Office
ㆍLegal Affairs Office
ㆍEducational Cooperation Office 
ㆍInformation and Communication Office 
Security and Public Administration BureauMore View
ㆍGeneral Affairs and Human Resources Division
ㆍAutonomous and Administrative Affairs Division 
ㆍSafety Coordination Division 
ㆍPublic and Judicial Police Division 
ㆍCitizen Volunteer Division
ㆍAccounting Division
Economy and Trade BureauMore View
ㆍEconomic Policy Division
ㆍEmployment and Labor Division
ㆍInvestment Policy Division
ㆍIndustrial Complex Division
ㆍInternational Trade Division
ㆍAgricultural Distribution Division 
Science and Industry BureauMore View
ㆍScience Technology Policy Division
ㆍICT Convergence Industry Division
ㆍMachinery and Automobile Division
ㆍTextile and Fashion Division
ㆍGreen Energy Division 
High-Tech Medical Industry Bureau More View
ㆍHealth Policy Division
ㆍHigh-Tech Medical Complex Support Division 
ㆍMedical Industry Division
Culture, Sports and Tourism BureauMore View
ㆍCulture and Arts Division
ㆍCultural Industry Division
ㆍSports Promotion Division
ㆍTourism and Cultural Heritage Division  
Social, Welfare and Women BureauMore View
ㆍWelfare Policy Office
ㆍLow Birthrate and Aging Society Division
ㆍWomen, Youth and Family Division
ㆍFood Safety Division 
Environment and Green Area BureauMore View
ㆍEnvironment Policy Division
ㆍResource Recirculation
ㆍWater Management Division
ㆍParks and Green Area Division
Urban Affairs and Housing BureauMore View
ㆍUrban Planning Division
ㆍArchitecture and Housing Division
ㆍUrban Regeneration Division
ㆍLand Information Division
ㆍInnovation City Support Division
Transportation BureauMore View
ㆍTransportation Policy Division
ㆍPublic Transportation Division
ㆍTransportation Management Division
Construction and Disaster Prevention BureauMore View
ㆍConstruction Industry Division
ㆍRoad Division
ㆍDisaster Countermeasures Division
Fire Safety HeadquartersMore View
ㆍFire Administration Division
ㆍPrevention and Safety Division
ㆍResponse and Rescue Division
ㆍ119 Emergency Operation Room
ㆍ119 Special Rescue Squad


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