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Medical Tourism

Daegu Metropolitan City Medical Tour

General Status

  • Daegu is home to 5 medical universities, 29 general hospitals, 30 oriental medicine clinics and 18,000 medical personnel, including over 6,000 doctors, and it boasts the highest quality of medical infrastructure
  • The city has procured specialized area treatment by hospital (top 10 in the nation) and over 10,000 cancer surgeries and 600 heart surgeries per year are conducted in university hospitals (Kyungpook National University Hospital, Yeungnam University Medical Center, Keimyung University Dongsan Medical Center, Daegu Catholic Hospital)
  • Inexpensive Medical Fees
    • - Health examinations (Daegu 350,000 to 400,000 won, Seoul 500,000 to 1,000,000 won), plastic surgery (1 to 2 million cheaper than Seoul)
    • - The costs of various surgery and examinations are 1/9, 1/4 and 1/2 of the fees charged in the US, Japan and Singapore respectively.

Specialized Areas

  • Comprehensive Medical Tests
    • - The four university hospitals utilize the outstanding medical human resources and high-tech equipment, offer one-stop customized services, and translate and report test results within 24 hours.
    • - With English-speaking medical faculties and interpreters for each testing area, all medical test procedures proceed smoothly, and the quality of care is equal to the best university hospitals in the world, and it is 30% cheaper.
  • Hair Transplant
    • - Hair transplant technology, centered at the Kyungpook University Hospital Hair Transplant Center, is recognized for its world-class level. The best technologies and manpower in this field can be found here.
    • - Professor Kim Jung-cheol of Kyungpook University developed hair follicle transplant technologies achieving great accomplishments in this area. In addition, by publishing in world-renowned academic journals and writing books on hair transplant, he has received high technological acclaim in the Middle East, Japan, South America and Southern Europe.
    • - In the case of foreign countries, there is a 50-60% survival rate for 500 hair transplants per hour, but in the case of Professor Kim's team, 2,400 hair strands are implanted per hour with a 92% survival rate. Thus, cheaper treatment is available compared to overseas.
  • Dentist
    • - High quality dental services such as implants, prosthetics, whitening, orthodontics, etc are offered at dental hospitals and clinics.
    • - Micro implants are the most efficient orthodontic treatment where the patient does not have to use braces or rubber bands within the mouth, and the treatment period can be reduced by half the time compared to other treatment methods.
    • - In Daegu, implants are produced, sold and exported, and it is a world-recognized area for this medical field. Many prominent professors from around the world visit Daegu for studies, and many professors in the area are invited to speak in foreign nations.
  • Plastic Surgery
    • - There are over 40 clinics in the urban area concentrated mainly in Dongseong-ro and Banwoldang in Jung-gu. It has world-class surgeons, while the procedures cost 20-30% less than other countries.
    • - With the recent Hallyu fever (craze for the Korean culture), many foreigners, especially from countries in Southeast Asia such as China and Thailand, are visiting Daegu for medical procedures.
  • Skin Care
    • - An excellent medical staff in a pleasant environment awaits medical tourists at prices lower than other regions.
    • - The frequency of patients coming to Daegu from Seoul and other areas for laser exfoliation for treating scars and to treat liver spots or wrinkle care are growing.
  • Obstetrics and Gynecologists
    • - There are coordinators for the foreigner-exclusive patient service windows and foreign language speaking doctors and nurses are on 24 hour standby to provide one-stop services for pregnancy, child birth and nurturing.
    • - The obstetrics/gynecology and pediatrics clinics are equipped with the best facilities. Maternity hospitals offer elegant and modern inpatient rooms.
  • Oriental Medicine Clinics
    • - Visitors can get comprehensive and integrated health treatment from oriental medical procedures.
    • - - It is effective treatment for various chronic illnesses including pains, arthritis, Bell's palsy, chemical therapy-resistant terminal cancer, allergic rhinitis, atopic skin disease, chronic fatigue, and recovery from strokes. Furthermore, it helps patients to improve their lifestyle to prevent disease.
    • - In particular, western and oriental integrated treatment is available, and expert doctors are available from various fields for optimization of treatment results.

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