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this board list is the last city news
No. Subject Date
1276 Daegu to become first local governing body in Korea to install public charging stations for electric vehicles 2016/04/15
1275 Daegu to become a testing ground for new technologies 2016/04/15
1274 “Healing” Nuri-gil, circling Daegu along the outskirts of the city, to be created 2016/04/15
1273 Daegu makes plans to create “Daegu Sports Industry Creative Town” and Korean literature museum 2016/03/24
1272 Tour Dalgubeol with Sky Rail and Daegu City Tour! 2016/03/24
1271 Daegu Samsung Lions Park to open “Baseball Legend Street” 2016/03/24
1270 Achieving creativity, convergence, and innovation through new materials 2016/03/11
1269 Daegu Medivalley welcomes the Daejeon Sun Hospital! 2016/03/11
1268 Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin to usher in “new era for Daegu” through development of provincial land 2016/03/11
1267 Daegu Metropolitan City’s fashion design and needlework industries are reborn through “glocalization!” 2016/02/26
1266 Daegu Metropolitan City introduces country’s first taxi service dedicated to international medical tourists 2016/02/26
1265 Daegu Metropolitan City leads the automotive industry into the future through convergence with other industries! 2016/02/26
1264 Daegu Concert House to hold spring festival for the month of March 2016/02/17
1263 Daegu’s watercress offers a true taste of spring! 2016/02/17
1262 Daegu Metropolitan City to develop integrated city brand 2016/02/17
1261 ‘Medi-City Daegu’ brand makes debut in China 2016/01/28
1260 Leading the creative economy by cultivating cultural content 2016/01/28
1259 Daegu launches electric taxi services 2016/01/28
1258 West Daegu to be reborn through urban regeneration projects 2016/01/21
1257 Daegu fashion brands prepare for their debut in China 2016/01/21