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Daegu goes all out to attract outstanding Japanese companies


Daegu City and Yeungjin College jointly launched an investment seminar on Dec. 8 for 11 invited Japanese-member companies of the Technology Advanced Metropolitan Area (TAMA).

The two-day event aimed to provide the Japanese-member companies of TAMA Cluster Management advice on tapping into the Daegu market, while it also included onsite visits to Technopolis and the expected site for the Daegu Science Park.

The investment seminar catered to 14 to 19 attendees representing a total of 11 Japanese companies. In addition, officials from Japan’s Kanto Economy and Commerce Department attended the event, with the number of participants estimated at 20. Another 30 local companies from Daegu participated in the seminar, providing one-on-one consultations with Japanese companies on technology and business partnerships.

The participating Japanese companies are located near Tokyo and specialize in electronics and mechanical metal parts. The participants were able to look forward to possible exchanges and cooperation with established auto- and machinery-parts manufacturers in Daegu and the Gyeongsangbuk-do Provincial region. According to Daegu City, the occasion paved the way for some Japanese companies to consider entering the Korean market.

Daegu City and Yeungjin College said they are looking forward to providing continual investment consultations to these companies, as well as to following up on their visit, in order to bring investment to the region.

Daegu City said it plans to arrange another consultation program so Japanese companies can visit phase 2 of the Seongseo Industrial Complex and the Daepoong Co., Ltd. company. The company is representative of a successful Daegu market-entry story and celebrated its 10th anniversary in August.