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Daegu to attract global academic life-sciences competition


Daegu has been selected to host the 2012 annual meeting of the “Human Frontier Science Program” in the field of brain and life sciences, according to Daegu City and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

A team of HFSP representatives visited Daegu on Nov. 11 to attend a presentation of the host city’s agenda and conduct an on-site inspection, which included touring the grounds of the Convention and Exhibition Center.

The 2012 HFSP International Conference on Brain Science has so far contributed to nurturing 18 Nobel Prize winners by providing fellowships and funds for research. About 300 scholars from all over the world, including Nobel Prize winners, are expected to gather in Daegu from July 2 to 5, 2012, to deliver presentations on papers and research results.

According to Daegu City, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology had tentatively selected Daegu as the host destination and submitted the recommendation to the HFSP. The HFSP is expected to make its final decision on the official host city following its recent on-site inspection visit.

Compared to the G7 countries, Korea has been a latecomer to the field of life sciences. Since Korea joined the HFSP, the organization has sponsored 27 Korean scientists. Daegu City said the objective of actively seeking to host the HFSP annual meeting is to help Korea build an international network to proliferate the global presence of Korean scientists.

The HFSP was formed in 1987 during the G7 Summit in Venice. In 1989, the forum began functioning to support basic research in the life sciences and to share information, as well as to foster professionals. The body is an intergovernmental, international organization that promotes the life sciences efforts of its 14 member economies, which include the G7-member countries, in addition to Korea, Switzerland, Australia and India.