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Daegu designated as world athletics city


Daegu City was awarded the IAAF Athletics Trophy at the World Athletics Gala in Monaco on Nov. 12 for the Korean city’s “huge success” as host of the IAAF World Championships 2011 and in contributing to the advancement of world athletics.

The selection of the world athletics city is made through a vote by the IAAF board of directors. Daegu is only the second city to receive such an honor after the German city of Stuttgart in 1993, which was when it hosted the fourth IAAF World Championships.

Daegu City attributes its success in holding the “largest and best” IAAF championships ever to the support of its citizens. It added that such a success has allowed the city to raise the international profile of Korea, while elevating the brand value of Daegu.

Daegu City noted that it was assessed by the world athletics body to have held an event of tremendous success compared to any of those previously held in the big cities of industrialized countries.

Above all else, however, the factors that had helped to make the Daegu World Championships an even bigger hit were the bright, warm smiles and sincerity of the people, the media’s enthusiasm, and the estimated 6,700 volunteers and 17,000 “citizen supporters.”

“Daegu has received the best rating in meeting the quality standards of the latest IAAF World Championships, and it will forever be remembered for such an achievement,” the IAAF said on Daegu’s contribution to the development of world athletics.