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Gov’t officials from China’s Guangdong Province visit Daegu City Hall


Twenty government officials from Guangdong Province, Foshan City, and the Nanhai District visited Daegu City Hall on Nov. 22 to gauge the current status of Daegus support for the development of local culture and the arts, and the promotion of the culture and tourism industries.

About 20 government officials from the Nanhai District have been at the Korea University Graduate School of Policy since Nov. 13 for a training program covering the areas of culture and tourism, construction of a beautiful town, and a model for harmonized fusion development. In addition to Daegu, the on-site inspection tours included Jeonju and Gumi.

Nanhai District, which is near Guangzhou, is famous for being the birthplace of Wong Fei-hung. It has a population of 2.63 million. Of the total, 1.48 million have come from surrounding areas. Nanhai District is a rapidly growing and dynamic area, and the Chinese Government considers it as one of Chinas excellent tourist cities. Foshan City is known as one of Chinas most affluent cities, with residents having one of the highest income levels in the country.