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Indonesian tourist becomes fashion model


Daegu City said it attracted a group of tourists, totaling 560, from Indonesia by aggressively promoting the Daegu Fashion Beauty Tour package with the help of a travel agency specializing in the Southeast Asian region.

The Indonesian tourists who took part in the latest Daegu tour came from the top 10 percent of Jakarta’s wealthy class. The Daegu Fashion Beauty Tour package, scheduled from Dec. 24 to Jan. 3, features the experience of being a fashion model and a visit to the Dongseong-ro Night Shopping Market.

The theme of Daegu City’s representative tour package is based on the city’s specialized textile fashion industry. A major feature of the tour is that it gives tourists the unique chance to experience being a fashion model. Participants receive hair and makeup assistance as well as training to walk like a model walk and pose like a model for photo shoots. All this pampering and training culminates in an actual fashion model experience on the catwalk.

The Daegu Fashion Beauty Tour has been selected as one of the “nation’s top 10 travel tour packages” and as one of the representative municipal tourism packages for Visit Korea Year. The esteemed “premium” tour item was tailored for the Southeast Asian market, Daegu City said. The product has been attracting more than 500 visitors to Korea’s third-largest city, every year, to experience the region’s unique fashion and beauty industry.