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this board list is the last city news
No. Subject Date
1068 Construction of brain research hub launched 2013/02/13
1067 World Water Forum boosts regional water business 2013/01/30
1066 Daegu consolidates its status as the country’s best volunteer city 2013/01/30
1065 Regional industrial hub and R&D agencies at a glance 2013/01/30
1064 Daegu City provides bird’s-eye view of eco-tour information 2013/01/16
1063 Daegu Virtual Sports Experience Pavilion draws 50,000 visitors 2013/01/16
1062 Daegu Culture and Arts Center plans festivals seeking citizen participation 2013/01/16
1061 Newly-found attractions in Daegu 2013/01/03
1060 Daegu boasts many tourist attractions 2013/01/03
1059 Daegu City keeps in close touch with its citizens 2013/01/03
1058 Successful Hosting of the 『2012 Smart Mobile Business Fair』 2012/12/11
1057 Hope to International Women Seeking the Korean Dream through Marriage 2012/12/11
1056 Daegu’s “Green Touch” Places It Ahead of the Six Major Metropolitan Cities 2012/12/11
1055 Daegu City receives a prime minister’s commendation for housing policies 2012/11/29
1054 Daegu City receives grand prize for SNS communications for 2nd straight year 2012/11/29
1053 Daegu provides the best tourism-related information in Korea 2012/11/29
1052 Daegu becomes first Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association over-the-air international certifying center outside Seoul 2012/11/15
1051 George Orwell’s Animal Farm as modern dance 2012/11/15
1050 Enjoy the fragrance of chrysanthemums in Daegu City Arboretum 2012/10/31
1049 Wroclaw Opera House recruits two Korean singers 2012/10/31