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this board list is the last city news
No. Subject Date
1002 Daegu’s 12 landmarks to become icons 2012/02/03
1001 Daegu hosts Korea-China-Japan education, tourism forum 2012/01/02
1000 Indonesian tourist becomes fashion model 2012/01/02
999 Daegu International Airport to test run direct flight to Bangkok 2011/12/27
998 Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine achieves 1st-class status 2011/12/27
997 Beomeo underground mall transforms into ‘English, culture, and arts strip’ 2011/12/27
996 Daegu goes all out to attract outstanding Japanese companies 2011/12/19
995 Daegu’s healthcare-sharing gives hope to the Vietnamese 2011/12/19
994 Daegu emerging as East Asia’s mecca for study tours 2011/12/19
993 Daegu livens up with tree lights 2011/12/09
992 Hangzhou medical tourists flock to Daegu 2011/12/09
991 Daegu hosts German travel industry CEO convention 2011/12/01
990 Gov’t officials from China’s Guangdong Province visit Daegu City Hall 2011/12/01
989 Local musical ‘Turandot’ to be reborn in avant-garde form 2011/11/25
988 Daegu designated as world athletics city 2011/11/25
987 Daegu to attract global academic life-sciences competition 2011/11/17
986 Daegu luxury alcohol aims for national status 2011/11/17
985 Daegu Art Square brings Daegu to new light 2011/11/17
984 Int’t exhibitions for machinery, parts and textile machines to be held in Daegu 2011/11/08
983 Enjoy the fragrance of chrysanthemums in autumn 2011/11/08