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this board list is the last city news
No. Subject Date
987 Daegu to attract global academic life-sciences competition 2011/11/17
986 Daegu luxury alcohol aims for national status 2011/11/17
985 Daegu Art Square brings Daegu to new light 2011/11/17
984 Int’t exhibitions for machinery, parts and textile machines to be held in Daegu 2011/11/08
983 Enjoy the fragrance of chrysanthemums in autumn 2011/11/08
982 Hallyu [Korean Wave] star Song Joong-ki to promote Daegu 2011/11/08
981 World experts in cochlear implants gather in Daegu 2011/11/07
980 Asia’s international dog show comes to Daegu 2011/11/07
979 Daegu holds 2nd Foreign Social Media Group ceremony 2011/11/07
978 Celltrion builds overseas herbal medicine base in Daegu 2011/11/07
977 Daegu’s new landmark ‘Gangjeongbo’ to spur new wave 2011/10/26
976 Global body awards Daegu City the ‘IAAF Athletics Trophy’ 2011/10/26
975 Palgongsan fall foliage a magnet to Japanese tourists 2011/10/26
974 Daegu’s twelve attractions selected as city’s landmark sight 2011/10/20
973 Local dental businessmen knock on European market 2011/10/12
972 National debt redemption movement becomes an educational spot 2011/10/12
971 Autumn on ‘Mt. Palgongsan Olle’ attracts visitors 2011/10/12
970 Daegu City to set up botanical garden at Mt. Palgongsan 2011/10/06
969 Daegu a background for Korean drama “Love Rain” 2011/10/06
968 Citizens’ passion leads to a bright tomorrow 2011/10/06