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this board list is the last city news
No. Subject Date
1082 Dongdaegu-Seongseo chosen as best region to nurture start-ups 2013/04/24
1081 Daegu to host ISES in 2015 2013/04/24
1080 Daegu City leads efforts to repair homes of low-income citizens 2013/04/12
1079 Daegu City credited for its green start campaign 2013/04/12
1078 Daegu City pushes to stimulate house reconstruction and redevelopment projects 2013/04/12
1077 Daegu City expands Smile and Kindness Campaign 2013/03/27
1076 Daegu City to open online sellers support center 2013/03/27
1075 All about Daegu covered in visual art of beauty 2013/03/18
1074 Dolmen site in Daegu holds secret of great history 2013/03/18
1073 Daegu to host South Korea’s only IAAF Silver Label Road Race 2013/03/18
1072 Air quality improves in Daegu 2013/03/04
1071 Photo book published to showcase past 100 years of Daegu 2013/03/04
1070 Daegu City emerging as a hub for the environmental industry 2013/02/13
1069 Daegu City to turn its urban river into eco-friendly area 2013/02/13
1068 Construction of brain research hub launched 2013/02/13
1067 World Water Forum boosts regional water business 2013/01/30
1066 Daegu consolidates its status as the country’s best volunteer city 2013/01/30
1065 Regional industrial hub and R&D agencies at a glance 2013/01/30
1064 Daegu City provides bird’s-eye view of eco-tour information 2013/01/16
1063 Daegu Virtual Sports Experience Pavilion draws 50,000 visitors 2013/01/16