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this board list is the last city news
No. Subject Date
1036 Enjoy 'romantic camping in Mt. Palgong! 2012/08/13
1035 Lotus flowers in full bloom in Banyawol district, Korea’s largest lotus root producer, in Dong-gu, Daegu 2012/07/24
1034 World’s First Green Hanok, Near Zero-Energy Homes, Built in Daegu 2012/07/17
1033 6th DIMF Comes to Grand Finale of 25-Day Stories 2012/07/17
1032 Financial support for large-scale exhibition booths at overseas trade fairs generates impact 2012/06/28
1031 Event held to open filming site for TV drama ‘Love Rain’ 2012/06/28
1030 Hundreds of medical tourists from Bangladesh, China to visit Daegu 2012/06/28
1029 2012 National Mechatronics Contest to be held 2012/06/26
1028 ‘Arirang Fantasy’ picked as opening musical of 6th DIMF 2012/06/26
1027 Talk concert ‘Saturday Art Stage’ for teenagers 2012/06/26
1026 A publication complex in Daegu rebranded as ‘Daegu Book Valley’ 2012/05/31
1025 American Christian missionaries return to Korea decades after Korean War 2012/05/31
1024 Nail care school launched for housewives from multicultural families 2012/05/31
1023 Daegu, Astana of Kazakhstan set to boost medical exchange 2012/05/23
1022 Join 2012 Daegu Living Floriculture Contest 2012/05/23
1021 Daegu to spearhead ‘Integrative medicine’ combining conventional and Oriental medicine 2012/05/23
1020 Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto Brings Romance in May 2012/05/17
1019 Korean SMEs to Participate in India-Vietnam Mobile-IT Road Show 2012/05/17
1018 World Water Council Board Members Visit Daegu 2012/05/17
1017 ‘Beauty & Nail Art’ Course Recruits Foreign Wives as Trainees 2012/05/07