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this board list is the last city news
No. Subject Date
1248 Daegu Medical Center to open “Respect for Life Healing Clinic” for the treatment of mental disorders and suicide risks 2015/11/20
1247 Daegu reaches out to relocate public institutions 2015/11/20
1246 Daegu strives to become Korea’s number-one city on regulation reform 2015/11/20
1245 West Daegu Industrial Complex Regeneration Project to begin soon 2015/11/16
1244 Daegu completes final selection of eight “star shops” 2015/11/16
1243 Daegu prepares for launch of new drone industry 2015/11/16
1242 Economic and cultural cooperation with sister city Milan 2015/10/30
1241 Daegu senior citizens win top prizes at Citizens’ Happiness IT Competition 2015/10/30
1240 ICT Clinical Support Center to be built in Daegu’s Medivalley 2015/10/30
1239 Enjoy an Autumn Walk through the Hajungdo Cosmos Flowers 2015/10/19
1238 Next Spring, Visit the Stone Wall Walkway at Sangyeok-dong’s Daehak-ro! 2015/10/19
1237 Daegu Signs MOU with Milwaukee, a ‘Water Cluster’ City) 2015/10/19
1236 Humanities lectures offered in the spirit of fall 2015/09/24
1235 Daegu Art Factory hosts Experimental Art Project 2015 2015/09/24
1234 Chinese environmental company benchmarks Daegu Environmental Corporation 2015/09/24
1233 Daegu Begins to Pioneer Muslim Tourism Market in Southeast Asia 2015/09/11
1232 Lively Nights on Dongseong-ro with Standing Night Performances! 2015/09/11
1231 National Information Society Agency Holds Opening Ceremony for New Office Building in Daegu Innovation City 2015/09/11
1230 “Medi-city Daegu” kicks off fall season with large-scale international events 2015/09/01
1229 Daegu’s Business Incubation Centers achieve KRW 76.4 billion in profit since opening 2015/09/01