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this board list is the last city news
No. Subject Date
1243 Daegu prepares for launch of new drone industry 2015/11/16
1242 Economic and cultural cooperation with sister city Milan 2015/10/30
1241 Daegu senior citizens win top prizes at Citizens’ Happiness IT Competition 2015/10/30
1240 ICT Clinical Support Center to be built in Daegu’s Medivalley 2015/10/30
1239 Enjoy an Autumn Walk through the Hajungdo Cosmos Flowers 2015/10/19
1238 Next Spring, Visit the Stone Wall Walkway at Sangyeok-dong’s Daehak-ro! 2015/10/19
1237 Daegu Signs MOU with Milwaukee, a ‘Water Cluster’ City) 2015/10/19
1236 Humanities lectures offered in the spirit of fall 2015/09/24
1235 Daegu Art Factory hosts Experimental Art Project 2015 2015/09/24
1234 Chinese environmental company benchmarks Daegu Environmental Corporation 2015/09/24
1233 Daegu Begins to Pioneer Muslim Tourism Market in Southeast Asia 2015/09/11
1232 Lively Nights on Dongseong-ro with Standing Night Performances! 2015/09/11
1231 National Information Society Agency Holds Opening Ceremony for New Office Building in Daegu Innovation City 2015/09/11
1230 “Medi-city Daegu” kicks off fall season with large-scale international events 2015/09/01
1229 Daegu’s Business Incubation Centers achieve KRW 76.4 billion in profit since opening 2015/09/01
1228 Daegu to create city brand with the help of citizens 2015/09/01
1227 Cooling off from the summer heat with the Sincheon Summer Night Movie Festival! 2015/08/18
1226 Daegu National Science Museum attracts over one million visitors 2015/08/18
1225 Daegu to host 2019 IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience 2015/08/18
1224 Daegu National Science Museum Special Summer Exhibition 2015/07/31