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this board list is the last city news
No. Subject Date
1196 Daegu takes the initiative to assist local SMEs with information protection 2015/03/02
1195 Daegu’s new “luxury” cityscape soon to be unveiled 2015/03/02
1194 Daegu Metropolitan City to expand Wi-Fi availability in low-income public facilities 2015/03/02
1193 Daegu Modern History Museum establishes itself as local history authority 2015/02/13
1192 Initial efforts made to establish employment system for multicultural families 2015/02/13
1191 Unusual monorail signboard draws citywide attention 2015/02/13
1190 “Daegu Sikgaekdan” Appointed as Honorary Ambassadors of Daegu Food 2015/02/06
1189 Daegu Airport Reopens Flights to Japan after 16 Years 2015/02/06
1188 Successful World Water Forum Anticipated—Exhibition Booth Sells Out Early 2015/02/06
1187 Exciting winter destinations in Daegu 2015/01/16
1186 Daegu’s textile & fashion industry takes off through hybrid textiles 2015/01/16
1185 The age of monorail opens in Daegu, in 2015 2015/01/16
1184 A ‘Dokkaebi Road’ also exists in Daegu 2014/12/26
1183 Daegu International Marathon wins IAAF Silver Label for three consecutive years 2014/12/26
1182 Daegu to usher in era of 10 million tourists, in cooperation with Seoul 2014/12/26
1181 Korea Brain Research Institute completes the construction of new office building 2014/12/15
1180 Entries received for the 2014 C-Lab Venture Startup Competition 2014/12/15
1179 Daegu chosen as home to Daegu-Gyeongbuk Software Quality Promotion Center by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning 2014/12/15
1178 Daegu to dedicate Emotion Touch Technology Support Center 2014/11/27
1177 DGMIF spurs support for development of new drugs and medical devices 2014/11/27