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this board list is the last city news
No. Subject Date
1223 Camp Walker heliport site to become the home of the Daegu Main Library 2015/07/31
1222 Daegu to expand its promotion of the smart knowledge service industry 2015/07/31
1221 Promoting the Smart Healthcare Industry 2015/07/17
1220 Steady Increase in the Number of Foreign Residents in Daegu! 2015/07/17
1219 Korea Automotive Technology Institute relocated to Daegu’s Test Driving Facility 2015/06/29
1218 Daegu Traditional Markets Gaining Popularity as a Tourism Product 2015/06/29
1217 Newly Opened Daegu-Narita Air Route Provides Easy Access to Tokyo 2015/06/29
1216 Daegu signs friendship city agreement with Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2015/06/11
1215 Launching of the Oriental Medicine Technology Application Center, the heart of oriental medicine industrial technology! 2015/06/11
1214 “Daegu, City of Water!” to Operate Waterscape Facilities Starting This Month 2015/06/02
1213 Aggressive Measures of Daegu City to Attract Investment Achieve Tangible Results! 2015/06/02
1212 Daegu Sky Rail Surprises Japanese Monorail Association! 2015/06/02
1211 Raising the Quality of Civil Service through Cooperation 2015/05/18
1210 Daegu City Operates the First “Memory Café” in Korea—a Place to Share Information about Dementia 2015/05/18
1209 National Debt Repayment Movement—To the Korean Spirit and Beyond 2015/05/18
1208 Operation of Line 3 Sky Rail brings new hope for Daegu! 2015/04/30
1207 Art that crosses the boundaries of life through recycling! 2015/04/30
1206 Deagu to host IoT (Internet of Things) Healthcare Complex 2015/04/30
1205 Daegu to open the first K-ICT Device Lab outside Seoul 2015/04/16
1204 Daegu’s Line 3 Monorail to open on April 23 2015/04/16