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this board list is the last city news
No. Subject Date
1212 Daegu Sky Rail Surprises Japanese Monorail Association! 2015/06/02
1211 Raising the Quality of Civil Service through Cooperation 2015/05/18
1210 Daegu City Operates the First “Memory Café” in Korea—a Place to Share Information about Dementia 2015/05/18
1209 National Debt Repayment Movement—To the Korean Spirit and Beyond 2015/05/18
1208 Operation of Line 3 Sky Rail brings new hope for Daegu! 2015/04/30
1207 Art that crosses the boundaries of life through recycling! 2015/04/30
1206 Deagu to host IoT (Internet of Things) Healthcare Complex 2015/04/30
1205 Daegu to open the first K-ICT Device Lab outside Seoul 2015/04/16
1204 Daegu’s Line 3 Monorail to open on April 23 2015/04/16
1203 Three of Daegu’s tourist attractions included in Korea’s top 100 tourist attractions 2015/04/16
1202 Daegu cleans up to welcome guests of the World Water Forum 2015/03/27
1201 One-stop medical services for foreign visitors to Daegu 2015/03/27
1200 Daegu and Gyeongbuk cooperate to create a beautiful forest trail on Mt. Palgong, one of Korea’s major mountains 2015/03/27
1199 Daegu is reborn as a Clean City! 2015/03/13
1198 Creating a sophisticated city where history and culture comes alive 2015/03/13
1197 Daegu and Andong join hands to transform the tourism landscape 2015/03/13
1196 Daegu takes the initiative to assist local SMEs with information protection 2015/03/02
1195 Daegu’s new “luxury” cityscape soon to be unveiled 2015/03/02
1194 Daegu Metropolitan City to expand Wi-Fi availability in low-income public facilities 2015/03/02
1193 Daegu Modern History Museum establishes itself as local history authority 2015/02/13