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this board list is the last city news
No. Subject Date
1172 Daegu Metropolitan City Consortium to Take the Lead in National Biochemical Industry Project 2014/11/03
1171 Daegu Makes Significant Progress toward Becoming Hub of the Global Auto Parts Industry 2014/11/03
1170 Woori Bank joins in vitalizing Daegu’s Creative Economy 2014/10/15
1169 Users of Daegu International Airport to surpass 1.5 million 2014/10/15
1168 Focus! Daegu Monorail Highlighted as the Role Model of Light Rail Trains 2014/10/15
1167 Daegu Tree Hospital begins remote online examination service 2014/09/24
1166 Daegu City and Samsung to jointly build a global-level creative economy ecological system 2014/09/24
1165 Daegu to become the first provincial city to host a ‘smart work center’ 2014/09/24
1164 Visions on the present and future of IT convergence 2014/09/12
1163 Daegu to utilize social media as base for policy support 2014/09/12
1162 Daegu Arboretum’s Tropical Garden is full of exotic flavor 2014/08/27
1161 Daegu Metropolitan City nominated as the host of general meeting of the 2018 14th International Congress on Parasitology! 2014/08/27
1160 Daegu National Science Museum signs MOU with National Maritime Museum 2014/08/27
1159 Daegu’s Taxi Safety Service to be adopted by other local governments as a best practice of Government 3.0 2014/08/13
1158 The National Science Museum in Daegu holds lecture by Dr. Dennis Hong, ‘the Leonardo da Vinci of robots’ 2014/08/13
1157 Daegu to become outpost for the dental device market in Asia and the Pacific MegaGen Implant, 2014/08/13
1156 Daegu Chimaek Festival draws over 600,000 from across the country 2014/08/01
1155 Daegu City expands benefits for ‘Naeillo’ train pass holders 2014/07/18
1154 Daegu adopts corporate identity (CI) brand design of DTC 2014/07/18
1153 Cheombok Foundation leads the way in R&D for medicine manufacturing technology 2014/06/27