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this board list is the last city news
No. Subject Date
1122 Daegu Metropolitan City selected as outstanding in the nation in Best Practice Contest of the Government 3.0 2013/12/30
1121 Daegu Metropolitan City receives first prize in Safety Culture Awards 2013/12/30
1120 A concert by which Korea, China and Japan will become one 2013/12/12
1119 Daegu International Marathon 2014 to open on April 6 2013/12/12
1118 The National Information Society Agency holds a groundbreaking ceremony for its new office building in Sinseo Innovation City in Daegu 2013/12/03
1117 Daegu’s Herbal Medical Tourism Attracts Chinese Television Audience 2013/11/14
1116 Sowol Path Leading up to Gatbawi Rock Crowded with Hikers 2013/11/14
1115 Daegu National Science Museum Draws 5,600 People during First Temporary Opening Weekend 2013/11/14
1114 Solar power plant to be installed at Line 3 car depot 2013/11/08
1113 Daegu shone brightest in 90-year WEC history 2013/11/08
1112 Dalseong Wetland to regain status as largest sanctuary for hooded cranes 2013/11/08
1111 Daegu Metro Line 3 Monorail: “How Wonderful!” 2013/10/15
1110 Endless Waves of Cosmos Flowers along Geumhogang River 2013/10/15
1109 Dialing 119 Has Never Been Easier! 2013/10/15
1108 A Blissful Feast of Operatic Masterpieces 2013/09/30
1107 New Octagonal Field for the 2016 Baseball Season 2013/09/30
1106 Groundbreaking Occurs for Applied Traditional Medical Technology Center 2013/09/30
1105 Award-Winning Local Employment Projects 2013/09/12
1104 Visiting Daegu Technopolis 2013/09/12
1103 Daegu Launches Effort to Host National High Magnetic Field Center 2013/09/12