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this board list is the last city news
No. Subject Date
1137 University students from 10 countries participate in tourism promotion in Daegu 2014/04/16
1136 Daegu ready to host Daegu International Marathon 2014 2014/03/26
1135 The Athletics Promotion Center to serve as a center of athletics 2014/03/26
1134 ‘Daegu Tour Stamp Trail’ to be revamped 2014/03/11
1133 T’way Airlines unveils its seventh aircraft to serve Daegu-Jeju route 2014/03/11
1132 Daegu City starts full-scale ‘human care content’ project 2014/03/11
1131 Daegu International Marathon 2014 to open on April 6 2014/02/26
1130 Experience Herbal Medicine at the Museum of Oriental Medicine 2014/02/12
1129 Daegu Heritage Adds Three New Items to National List of Treasures 2014/02/12
1128 Enjoy the New Apsan Forest Trail! 2014/02/12
1127 New football fields and baseball parks for citizens 2014/01/28
1126 ‘Zero waste’ to be achieved through new thinking and efforts 2014/01/20
1125 Daegu monorail will run like a blue horse in 2014, the Year of Horse 2014/01/20
1124 Daegu City selects top 10 news stories of 2013 2014/01/20
1123 Daegu monorail line 3 role model for Dajeon! 2013/12/30
1122 Daegu Metropolitan City selected as outstanding in the nation in Best Practice Contest of the Government 3.0 2013/12/30
1121 Daegu Metropolitan City receives first prize in Safety Culture Awards 2013/12/30
1120 A concert by which Korea, China and Japan will become one 2013/12/12
1119 Daegu International Marathon 2014 to open on April 6 2013/12/12
1118 The National Information Society Agency holds a groundbreaking ceremony for its new office building in Sinseo Innovation City in Daegu 2013/12/03