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this board list is the last city news
No. Subject Date
1149 Integration commences for the Lee Sanghwa Literary Festival 2014/06/13
1148 "It is fun to learn science from brothers and sisters!" 2014/06/13
1147 Daegu Opens an Office in Hunan, China, to Promote Medical Tourism 2014/05/29
1146 Local Enterprises Growing to Global Firms 2014/05/29
1145 Construction of Daegu Baseball Stadium on Track 2014/05/29
1144 Dopamine study by the DGMIF published in Science 2014/05/19
1143 Daegu ready for full-fledged entry into medical information infrastructure 2014/05/19
1142 Daegu signs MOU with Doosan, world’s top desalination plant builder 2014/05/19
1141 RNware Donates Infrared Touch Screen to Daegu National Science Museum 2014/04/29
1140 Employees of Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corp. Clean Dalseong Wetland 2014/04/29
1139 Walk along the Apsan Mountain Forest Trail 2014/04/29
1138 Daegu’s ‘Green Start’ campaign wins national recognition 2014/04/16
1137 University students from 10 countries participate in tourism promotion in Daegu 2014/04/16
1136 Daegu ready to host Daegu International Marathon 2014 2014/03/26
1135 The Athletics Promotion Center to serve as a center of athletics 2014/03/26
1134 ‘Daegu Tour Stamp Trail’ to be revamped 2014/03/11
1133 T’way Airlines unveils its seventh aircraft to serve Daegu-Jeju route 2014/03/11
1132 Daegu City starts full-scale ‘human care content’ project 2014/03/11
1131 Daegu International Marathon 2014 to open on April 6 2014/02/26
1130 Experience Herbal Medicine at the Museum of Oriental Medicine 2014/02/12