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this board list is the last city news
No. Subject Date
1312 Opening up a shortcut to robot entrepreneurship 2016/10/13
1311 Daegu National Science Museum introduces the world’s first smart watch-based MBL educational content 2016/10/13
1310 Daegu medical tourism expands into Kazakhstan 2016/10/13
1309 Daegu wins first place for third consecutive time in Fall Travel Week contest for local governing bodies 2016/09/28
1308 Digital water screen installed at Daegu Station Square 2016/09/28
1307 Daegu promotes city policy on advanced cars to international community 2016/09/28
1306 Airline routes open between Daegu and the Japanese cities of Tokyo and Fukuoka 2016/09/23
1305 Top companies flow into Daegu, poised to lead the city’s future 2016/09/23
1304 Lions Park, a new landmark in Daegu 2016/09/23
1303 Seomun Night Market becoming a nationwide tourist destination! 2016/08/25
1302 Selected as best local autonomy in the “Building a Safe Local Community Model Project” 2016/08/25
1301 Daegu International Airport nearing its goal of 2.5 million users annually 2016/08/25
1300 Hybrid natural gas bus to run in downtown Daegu! 2016/08/11
1299 Daegu to lead the next-generation automotive industry 2016/08/11
1298 Daegu Metropolitan City named Korea’s “2017 Culture City of East Asia” 2016/08/11
1297 Daegu and KEPCO to expand availability of charging stations for electric cars 2016/07/28
1296 No more suffering during these tropical nights! Daegu Shooting Range launches evening hours 2016/07/28
1295 Smooth sailing for National Water Industry Cluster 2016/07/28
1294 “Year of Chinese Visitors to Daegu, Gyeongbuk 2016” starts off strong with a steady number of Chinese tourists 2016/07/18
1293 Daegu begins smart grid project 2016/07/18