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Beomeo underground mall transforms into ‘English, culture, and arts strip’


Daegu City said plans are under way to transform the currently empty Beomeo underground mall into a productive and enjoyable space for the public by building an English, cultural, and artistic strip.

The plans call for the creation of an English language themed space, to be called “E-Street,” to give Daegu citizens the chance to learn English. The area will feature a foreign culture corner, an exhibition site, a shop for cultural products, and a hands-on learning facility for arts programs.

E-Street will have native English speaking staff on hand to help encourage the public to use English. The entire underground mall is expected to be equipped with “smart” technologies, and members will have access to the LTE 4G network data-free zone to allow them to continuously manage and check their English-language learning experience on a smartphone.

The English language program will feature 15 sites where people can take part in a 10-leveled English practice and evaluation system in a natural, everyday setting. These 15 sites will include convenience stores, coffee shops, burger joints, cosmetics shops, stationery and book stores, and a kid’s café.