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Business News

No. Subject Date
458 Daegu’s Economy ranks 27th among 100 cities in the Asia Pacific! 2015/07/17
457 Bosch, the world’s No. 1 automotive parts manufacturer, comes to Daegu! 2015/06/11
456 Daegu City to proactively deal with changes in the global economic environment 2014/11/27
455 Daegu Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Foundation to lead R&D for development of global-level new drugs 2014/09/12
454 Daegu’s fashion and beauty industry making inroads into China 2014/08/01
453 Hiroshima Mayor Matsui visits Medivalley in Daegu 2014/08/01
452 Game companies in Seoul metropolitan area moving to Daegu 2014/07/18
451 Chinese tourists rushing to Daegu thanks to successful marketing 2014/04/16
450 Daegu launches a special tour program for Chinese travelers 2014/03/26
449 Daegu City wins the ‘Content Korea Lab’ project 2014/02/26
448 Daegu City to support small- and medium-sized firms for EMS shipping costs 2014/02/26
447 Ground broken for building a robot industrial cluster 2014/01/28
446 Optical industry to play a central role in the creative economy age 2014/01/28
445 Ground broken for the ‘Emotional Touch Technology Support Center’ 2013/12/12
444 Daegu City supports one-person business in the creative design and fashion industry 2013/12/03
443 A Daegu firm wins 2013 Intellectual Property Management Award for Small- and Medium-Sized Business 2013/12/03
442 Brisk factory construction and operation inject fresh air into Daegu’s economy 2013/08/14
441 Daegu City hosts Wellness Human Care business 2013/04/24
440 Aero-electronic industry to be nurtured as high value-added new growth engine 2013/03/27
439 Daegu City invests 124.8 billion won in polices related to women, families 2013/03/04