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Four Outstanding Star Enterprises Named


On May 30, Daegu City selected four companies, including  MAXROTEC, as '2011 Outstanding Star Enterprises, whose business achievements proved to be most excellent among the 22 star enterprises in 2008, at the Conference Room of Daegu TP (Technopark) Regional Industry Evaluation Agency.

Selection of the 'Outstanding Star Enterprises' is a city project designed to establish a foundation for those companies to grow into mid-class enterprises that can lead regional industries and support them intensively to be selected among the 'World-Class 300' within the next two to three years.

As the three-year support period for the star enterprises designated in 2008 ended, Daegu named the four Outstanding Star Enterprises after a comprehensive evaluation of their business performance achieved to date with its support.  

In the final selection phase, Daegu also evaluated their growth potential as well as their past business achievements, together with their active participation in the city's support programs, their future capabilities to succeed in domestic and overseas markets based on core technologies, strategies to expand markets, secure technologies and investments, CEO's resolve, etc.

As a result, the four selected companies proved to be superior  enterprises that represent the goals of the 'Outstanding Star Enterprises' program, having continuous growth potential, including creation of new markets and remarkable sales expansion through cost saving.

Between 2007 and 2010, sales and operating profits of the four companies increased 205% and 373% respectively on average and employment grew 65%, contributing significantly to the region's creation of new jobs.

Director for Industrial Location Sung Woong-kyung said, "Daegu City will promote this project vigorously so that through  substance-rich star enterprise cultivation business and creation of achievements, star enterprises can takeoff quickly to be global enterprises that take the lead in the Daegu economy." He added, "Daegu City will spare no active support in order for the outstanding star enterprises and many other regional SMEs to be selected among the 'World-Class 300' next year and thereafter."  

Meanwhile, Daegu City plans to present mayoral citations and designation certificates to the four outstanding start enterprises in early July.