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Dedication Ceremony for College of Korea Textile & Fashion Polytechnic


On May 27, the College of Korea Textile & Fashion Polytechnic (CKTFP) celebrated its dedication at the campus in  Daegu City after one and a half years of construction.

Emergence of CKTFP is projected to further stimulate and speed up the development of the textile and fashion industry in Daegu-Gyeongbuk region.

Located at the center of the Fashion Design District of Esiapolis, a future-type fashion complex, moreover, CKTFP is expected to resolve the geographical separation of industries, academia and research institutes and support the formation of systematic convergence relationships, the region's long-cherished project, while contributing significantly to the march  of Daegu toward becoming a global textile and fashion center.

CKTFP also expects to takeoff as a global, culture-centric institution by hosting various textile & fashion events, an education-centric college nurturing global high-end textile & fashion technicians and a technology-centric institute providing new state-of-the-art technologies to enterprises and external customers. 

With investment of 40.3 billion won from the national budget, the college encompasses nine buildings (total floor space: 23,696m2) on a 33,083m2 site.

Its major facilities include a main building housing an exhibition hall and a multi-purpose indoor gymnasium; an engineering hall equipped with practical exercise-oriented cutting-edge facilities to cultivate global textile & fashion technicians; and a dormitory, in addition to such auxiliary facilities as a library, multimedia room, and physical training center.