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Daegu Launches Mobile Web Homepage (


After establishment of a mobile web homepage, Daegu City launched its service on June 26. The homepage is designed to provide city information via smartphone to support successful hosting of the 'World Championships in Athletics Daegu 2011' and on the occasion of the '2011 Visit Daegu Year.'

Daegu City set up the mobile web homepage to create a basic market information service environment through smartphones to take advantage of the rapid changes in web service utilization infrastructure on the heels of the recent evolution of PCs and mobile phones into an IT fusion form, emergence of the mobile Internet and the explosion in use of smart phones.

The mobile home page enables foreigners as well as domestic residents to search for various information easily using smartphones and citizens to access market information conveniently anytime and anyplace.

Furthermore, the homepage provides PC-based market information on screens optimized for smartphones and tablet PCs. Daegu City conducted a questionnaire survey among its citizens in November 2010 to select the information to be supplied with priority and organized the homepage with five grand menus (Life Information, Traffic Information, Tourism Information, Market Information and Citizens' Participation), 25 medium menus and 55 small menus, and to provide SNS functions and location-based services.

By designing the initial screen in blue color, the homepage gives a strong impression of Daegu City. It not only pursued convenience by converting frequently searched content, including life information, into mobile-based icons, it also arranged coming attractions, such as the information on the 'World Championships in Athletics Daegu 2011' and '2011 Visit Daegu Year,' and investment in Daegu at the top, while enabling search of the information from domestic major portal sites.   

A related city official said, "Through the establishment of the mobile web homepage, Daegu plans to enhance the image of 'Smart Daegu,' expand the homepage annually, increase SNS functions for realization of bidirectional communication anytime and anyplace, and provide higher-quality services."

Meanwhile, the Korea Communications Commission said that the number of smartphones supplied in Korea crossed 10 million units as of the end of March this year and projected that it will  surpass 20 million units by the end of this year owing to diversification of content and market debut of cheaper-type products.