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Establishment of Cyber Attack Response Center


After completing the 2nd-phase cyber attack response center establishment project, Daegu City held a report session and a ceremony to launch the center on June 30. The city established the first-phase project in 2009.

Daegu City invested a total of 795 million won to establish the second-phase cyber terror response center, which was designed to cope rapidly with the recently increasing number of cyber attacks.

Daegu City prepared a joint response system with the central government that can respond to cyber attacks on any of the city's networks through compilation and analysis of security logs regarding internal & external firewalls and network equipment and establishment of infrastructure linking the city and the central government.

The center will monitor abnormal attempts to access various major information systems and administrative networks comprehensively, and detect and block cyber attacks, including hacking viruses, on a real-time basis. As a rapid response measure, it will play a major role in protecting important administrative information and citizens' information assets from cyber threats.

When signs of a cyber attack occurred, Daegu City had previously relied on the Cyber Security Center of the National Information Service or Security Operation Center of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, so there were limitations in taking countermeasures rapidly against such attacks.

With completion of the cyber attack response center, the city itself can now respond to cyber threats and take prevention-centered measures based on post-response measures adopted so far.

In addition, Daegu has installed agents for certain internal and external security equipment at its subordinate organizations and prepared a foundation to respond jointly to cyber attacks on its gu and gun offices, thereby reinforcing the security of the entire city.

Director-General of Autonomous and Administrative Bureau Kim Sun-dae expressed his firm resolve, saying, "Along with the completion of the present cyber attack response center project, Daegu City will strengthen protection of administrative and individual information through continuous supplementation of the cyber attack respon\se system in the future and enhance confidence in the city with provision of uninterrupted administrative services."