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Daegu Business Center Dedicated


On July 25, Daegu City and Korea Industrial Complex Corp. (KICOX) held the dedication ceremony for the Daegu Business Center with the participation of related officials, including Daegu Mayor Kim Bum-il, Lawmaker Lee Han-koo, and KICOX President & CEO Park Bong-kyu.

Construction of Daegu Business Center, a 10-story and one-basement-level building (total floor area: 14,522m2) on a site of 6,612m2, was completed with investment of a total of 24.8 billion won starting in 2007.

The center will be utilized to highlight new & renewable energy best practice, since it was designed for supply of electricity to corridors, parking lots, etc. from a BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) system, in particular.   

Daegu Business Center is equipped with excellent state-of-the-art intelligent areas, including business facilities, international conference room, education & seminar room, product exhibition hall, and banquet hall. 

With diverse support organizations, including law firms, tax offices, accounting companies, financing institutions, export & import companies, design support center, cluster promotion corps, ecological industrial park promotion corps, KICOX Daegu branch, industry-academia corporation foundation, etc. locating in the building, the center will provide site-centric one-stop support services resolving various business-related issues critically required by enterprises on the spot, as well as technology cooperation, R&D networking, marketing, manpower and financing support, etc.

With expanded infrastructure to support corporate businesses and the welfare of resident workers, the center is expected to contribute significantly to enhancing the competitiveness of tenant enterprises and improving the industrial complex environment.

Daegu City expects the center to alleviate inconveniences of tenant enterprises that are experiencing difficulties in securing appropriate space for business activities. With its construction inside the Seongseo 1st Industrial Complex, which has  comparatively outdated facilities, Daegu Business Center is expected to be a factor in accelerating the structural advancement of the complex.

With establishment of an integrated business support system encompassing industries, academia and research institutes that meets the needs and vision of the regional industrial complex, furthermore, the center is expected to provide more systematic and comprehensive support services to tenant enterprises, in addition to the improvement of worker welfare support facilities, and create a successful fusion model in which industry-academia-research institute organizations and enterprises associate harmoniously and participate voluntarily.

Director Sung Woong-kyung of the Industrial Location Division, Daegu City, said, "Taking its place as a new landmark of the Seongseo 1st Industrial Complex, Daegu Business Center is expected to significantly boost the activation of the complex as well as the competitiveness of regional enterprises."

Meanwhile, Seongseo 1st to 4th Industrial Complexes, which were built from 1984 to 2007, have a total area of over 10 million square meters where about 2,600 companies manufacture automotive parts, electrical and electronic products, etc. It is the largest regional industrial complex in Korea, accounting for 45% of Daegu's economic scale.