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Framework-Raising Ceremony for Daegu City Transit Line No. 3


On September 6, Daegu Metropolitan Urban Railroad Construction Hqs. held the framework-raising ceremony to mark the start of construction of City Transit Line No. 3 at the riverside park of Palgeocheon and moved to install track beams in full swing.

A total of 1,316 beams will be installed for monorail car tracks. The construction headquarters has thus far completed structural functional tests along with consulting and verification of domestic and overseas experts in order to construct the track beams precisely, 

For the safe transportation of track beams, the headquarters commissioned Kyungpook National University Institute for Disaster Prevention to conduct weight tests at Macheon Grand Bridge and Dongcheongyo Bridge, major structures on the route to transport the track beams, and verify safety.

About 300 related officials attended the framework-raising ceremony, including Daegu Mayor Kim Bum-il, National Assembly Rep. Suh Sang-ki and Daegu Metropolitan Council Chairman Do, Eui-hwan.