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Feasibility Study for Robot Industrial Cluster Creation Project OK'd


Daegu City approved the results of the feasibility study regarding 'Robot Industrial Cluster Creation Project' that was undertaken from January to September this year.

The project aims to build robot industrial infrastructure facilities within the 3rd Industrial Complex in Buk-gu, Daegu City, which will play a centripetal role in the domestic robotics industry through R&D for commercialization of robot-related products, etc.

For the project, Daegu City plans to invest a total of 232.8 billion won over five years. To hold down the cost, the city decided to exclude establishment of a new organization and, instead, organize separate exclusive teams at the Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement (KIRIA).

For specific businesses, the city intends to establish three robot industrial infrastructure facilities - Robot Innovation Center, Robot Business Cooperation Factory, Robot Standardization Test & Certification Center - to support robot industrial processes, including design & engineering, production of test products, and robot standardization & certification. The city also intends to promote R&D in three areas - automation of production processes, commercialization of part modules, and planning for killer applications.    

Through this project, Daegu City expects to be able to establish a hub to lead the development of the national robotics industry and realize win-win shared growth with machinery-related industries that are facing limitations on their growth through structural business advancement.

With linkage of the high-tech machinery parts field, which was selected as the DaeGyeong (Daegu-Gyeongbuk) sphere's leading strategic industry, to the fusion & convergence field of mechatronics at Daegu Special R&D District, a large-scale national policy project, the city is expected to take the lead in developing the robotics industry nationally as well as regionally.