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Daegu wins bid to serve as application-development testbed


Daegu City said it has been selected by the Small and Medium Business Administration to lead an application (“app”) development testbed project set to launch in November.

Daegu was one of the four major municipalities selected by the SMBA based on such criteria as strategy and level of infrastructure. The other three selected municipalities are Seoul, Busan and Gwangju.

The SMBA is providing support to set up a testbed that is equipped with the necessary equipment and facilities in order to test applications before they are launched.

The Daegu testbed will be managed by the Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency and will be located in the Idea Park.

The establishment of the testbed will involve a helping hand by the Small and Medium Business Administration, KT, Samsung and other conglomerates that will be providing devices and data networks for free. Daegu City said the latest testbed development is significant in that it will be a public-private, co-application ecosystem.