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Nat'I Information Society Agency Set to Move to Daegu


The Presidential Committee on Regional Development (PCRD) held its 38th meeting on September 23 and resolved to relocate the National Information Society Agency (NIA), an integrated organization of the former National Information Society Agency (NIA) in Daegu Innovation City and Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity and Promotion (KADO) in Jeju Innovation City, comprehensively.

When establishing the regional relocation plan for NIA in the future, however, PCRD decided to pursue the assignment of education and training functions to Jeju within a scope that does not undermine the intention of the comprehensive relocation.

With this plan, the public organizations, totaling 11, including Korea Gas Corporation, to be relocated to Daegu City have been confirmed to date in accordance with the government's 'Advancement Plan for Public Enterprises.'  

List of Public Organizations Scheduled to Be Relocated to Daegu 


Korea Gas Corporation

Korea Industrial Complex Corp.

Central Physical Examination Center of Military Manpower Administration

Korea Appraisal Board

Korea Foundation for the Promotion of Private Schools

Korea Education & Research Information Service

Education Science Skill Training Institute

Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology

Korea Student Aid Foundation

National Information Society Agency