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Daegu to Secure 3.15 Tril. Won from Nat'l Budget for 2012


Daegu City secured a total of 3.15 trillion won from the national budget for 2012 for implementation of major projects, including creation of a robot cluster, establishment of an R&D foundation to commercialize intelligent vehicles, construction of an athletics promotion center and operating expenses for a national sports festival.

The city's share of the national budget reflected in the government's 2012 budget bill is about 85% of its budget for 2011. However, this is considered a natural phenomenon in that large national policy projects like the Four Major Rivers Restoration Project will be completed  this year.     

Despite a slight reduction in its share of the national budget for 2012, Daegu City secured major project investments sufficient to resolve pending regional issues and prepared momentum to possibly exceed the results of the 2011 IAAF World Championships Daegu.

The 2012 national budget for the city features funding for new core businesses - expansion of future growth engines and R&D fields - 8.2 billion won for creation of a robot industry cluster and 5.4 billion won for cultivation of the 3D convergence industry. In addition,  continuous investments of 21.1 billion won for establishment of commercialization R&D foundation for intelligent vehicles and 12.7 billion won for industrialization of super materials-convergence products are reflected as well.   

In the SOC sector, Daegu City also secured 20 billion won for construction of Sincheon West Bank Road (Sangdonggyo Bridge~Gachang), 200.8 billion won for city rail, 31.1 billion won for access roads to Daegu Technopolis and 1.5 billion won (design cost) for access roads to Daegu National Industrial Park.

As for the culture, sports and tourism fields, Daegu City secured 5 billion won for construction of Daegu Baseball Stadium, 14.4 billion won for Athletics Promotion Center, 3.5 billion won for operation of a National Sports Festival, 10 billion for environment-related projects, including new & renewable energy, etc.

Director Yeo Hee-kwang of the Policy Planning Division said, "Daegu City will integrate all its capabilities, cooperating with regional political representatives in the National Assembly's budget deliberation processes, and do its best to increase the budget for the city more beyond what is reflected in the government's current budget bill."