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Daegu to pioneer customized heavy metals market abroad


Daegu City said it is dispatching local companies to consult with medium- and large-sized fashion companies in the Chinese region of Hangzhou from Dec. 6 to 10. The consultative mission, jointly organized with the Daegu Gyeongbuk Textile Industries Association, is aimed at promoting exports by Daegu textile manufacturers and finding new buyers.

The dispatched consultative group of companies is expected to carry out duties different to those of a typical “trade mission,” Daegu City said. Daegu’s textile producers will be undertaking a customized, order-consultation mission targeting medium- and large-sized Chinese fashion-brands. The members will directly visit the headquarters of the target companies.

A typical trade mission would involve providing consultations at a fixed venue by inviting buyers. But the “customized order-consultation” allows the visiting companies to take their products directly to a local company. This way, introducing the products and engaging in consultations can be done simultaneously, allowing for a more effective way to establish new export markets.

The dispatched team from Daegu will be visiting fashion companies in Hangzhou, the region’s fashion brand capital. The participants are aiming to visit five companies that generate between 300 billion won and 600 billion won in revenue annually.

Daegu City said it plans to dispatch a total of 15 companies to China. In order to avoid excessive competition among companies, Daegu City stressed that it will ensure there are no overlapping products.