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Business News

No. Subject Date
438 Local Oriental medicines rush to overseas markets 2012/11/15
437 First foreign-invested firm ready to be up and running in Technopolis 2012/11/01
436 Daegu Metropolitan City Signs Agreement to Establish Hydrogen Energy Complex 2012/10/09
435 Daegu attracts high-speed diesel engine joint venture by Hyundai Heavy Industries and Cummins in U.S. 2012/09/14
434 Daegu seeks cooperation with Agilent Technologies in brain metabolomics research for first time in Asia 2012/07/24
433 Delegation of Mayor and officials from Ufa City, Russia visit construction site for Daegu’s Line 3 monorail 2012/07/24
432 ‘e-Fun 2012’ Represents a Great Leap Forward for the Games Industry 2012/07/17
431 Mayor Kim Beom-il attends Berkshire Hathaway’s shareholders’ meeting at invitation of Warren Buffet 2012/05/07
430 Daegu Trade Association Center completed 2012/02/17
429 Daegu City envisions 1-trillion-won investment era 2012/01/02
428 Daegu wins bid to host international neuroscience conference 2011/12/09
427 Daegu hosts international solar power workshop for first time 2011/12/01
426 Daegu to pioneer customized heavy metals market abroad 2011/11/25
425 Daegu to Secure 3.15 Tril. Won from Nat'l Budget for 2012 2011/10/21
424 Nat'I Information Society Agency Set to Move to Daegu 2011/10/21
423 Daegu hosts the International Solid Waste Association World Congress 2011/10/20
422 Daegu wins bid to serve as application-development testbed 2011/10/20
421 2011 Daegu Trade Mission to South America 2011/10/10
420 Roundtable Meeting With Cambodian Delegation 2011/10/10
419 Feasibility Study for Robot Industrial Cluster Creation Project OK'd 2011/10/10