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[Questions]Attn: Taegu mayor. Korean viglanitys at Mt. Palgong-san


Last night at 12:48 A.M. there was a car accident reported to the local police "East Taegu police station"
Sir, it is well known that the road at Mt.palgong is used by all people Korea and foreigners alike. It's is also known that local tunning cars drive there as well. This angers the local people so much that last night person "unknow" purposely put big rocks on the road with the intent to destroy and or kill the cars responsible for the noise. I myself go there to get away from the busy city life. Well last night my car hit the rocks that some put on the road. This is premattated murder. What give people here the right to commit such acts? I have been here for 28 years now. And this is a first. Who ever did this wanted to commit damage to people and proprty? It's this how Korea want the world to see them. I hope not. Sir please take a look at this problem. If the people there are will to cause accidents. What an who will stop them. Or what will they do next. They lucky no one died
Sir please look into this matter