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 Passion, challenge and realizing dreams.Daegu, drawing the world's attention,is being reborn as a global city.

Daegu, a cultural heritage city,is attracting the world's attention.
As the central city of Southeast Korea, Daegu's significance reaches back tothe Joseon Dynasty serving as home to the Gyeongsang Provincial Governor's Office.
Daegu’s moral culture blossomed by being the birthplace of the National Debt Repayment Movement,
and the Feb. 28 Movement that sparked a nationwide crusade for democracy .
This culture links the past, the present, and the future of Daegu,
reawakened through cultural and tourist heritages, beloved by global citizens.

Special hands-on cultural experience programsthat Daegu offers,
let you appreciate the charms of the city.
The Daegu City Tour represents 5 Regular Tour Courses, plus a special Mt. Palgongsan Circular Tour Course,
and a Hands-on Experience Tour Course geared for the whole family.
In addition, the Modern Heritage Tour, awarded a Star of Korean Tourism, blends the past and present, while Medical Tourism programs reflect the city's advances in Oriental and high-tech medicine.
And, the Fashion & Beauty Tour offers a look at Daegu's reputation as a global textile & fashion city.

All year round, you will have various things to enjoy. With endless events and sporting activities, Daegu is a dynamic city full of delights.

Five international festivals of Daegu are changing the colors of the city with a distinctive sense of culture.

Passion, energy and new cultural trends are being created by Daegu.Daegu shares this dynamic joy with global citizens now.

Daegu, an environment-friendly city,brings people and nature together in harmonyDeep green areas and a pleasant living environment are changing the look of the city.

The Nakdong and Geumho Rivers gracefully wind their way around urban scenes,
and restorations to the Sincheon Stream have rejuvenated the city’s ecosystem, while green parks downtown,
offer a pleasant place for rest. All of these beautiful and pleasant residential aspects rank best in Korea, making Daegu the city that everyone wishes to live in.

Solar city, Daegu! Daegu is moving from an eco-friendly green city, to a global center of new & renewable energy.
A Green Eco City where nature and citizens grow together.It is the future of Daegu that we will pass on to our children.

With a variety of solid infrastructure, Daegu is making itself a city of welfare and education.
Welfare policies to increase low birth rates and the rising needs of the aged promote a world where all are equal, and a society where children are treasured.

Engagement, volunteering, and heightened civic awarenessare making Daegu healthier.
Daegu boasts of nurturing outstanding individualsthrough a high-quality educational infrastructure.
Daegu is reforming itself as a first-class city.

Daegu’s economy flourishes again.By innovating industrial infrastructures and fostering high-tech industries,
Daegu is preparing for a leap towarda city of knowledge-based economy.

Daegu Innovation City, building towards a center of world-class education,and the academic industry.
The dream of ‘Medivalley Daegu,’ the high-tech medical cluster, starts right here.

IT, automotive, robotics, and mobile industries, are the next-generation new growth engines of Daegu.
These future-oriented high-tech industries representing Daegu are expanding.

Transformation of the textile, fashion, glasses, and machinery parts industries-Higher value-added product development is enhancing Daegu's competitiveness.

With the expansion of the urban infrastructure, and the construction of a new airport in the southern part of Korea, Daegu is reinforced as a competitive international city.

Daegu is flying higher and farther, towards the dream of being a knowledge-based economic city.

Daegu National Science Park, a green, high-tech industrial park in harmony with the Nakdong River.

Daegu Technopolis, the R&D Hub of Southeast Korea,

Daegu-Gyeongbuk High-tech Medical Cluster, the R&D Hub for the global medical industry,

The Innopolis Daegu, a global foundation for the IT-based convergence industry.
Equipped with solid infrastructure for investment, Daegu is attracting investments from an array of global companies.
Optimum investment incentives are guaranteed.
There are clear reasons why global investment guru Warren Buffett set his eyes on Daegu.
Investment in Daegu can make your dreams for the future a reality.

Daegu, a city everyone loves to visit, Daegu is writing a new chapter ofits history with challenge and passionfor a greater future.
Daegu is now running again towards a global city,impressing the world from the center of Southeast Korea. 

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