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Representative Food


  • Ttarogukbap (title image)
Intro :
Ttarogukbap is the only form of rice in broth introduced in Daegu, about fifty years ago. Ttarogukbap originates from giving bap (cooked rice) and guk (soup) separately. Unlike the other region’s soup, the green onion and white radish is put in a meat broth made by simmering beef leg bones and shins all night long, along with lots of red pepper powder and sliced garlic to make it spicy and hot with a refreshing aftertaste. It is the most famous traditional food of Daegu that represents Daegu’s ‘hot and spicy’ taste. This dish was enormously popular among refugees during the Korean War. The main characteristic of ttarogukbap is that it is a compromise between thick beef soup and hot spicy meat stew.