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Cultural Properties

Yugasa Temple

  • Yugasa Temple (title image)
  • Yugasa Temple (first image)
Intro :
Yugasa Temple, located deep in the valley of Mt. Biseulsan, was founded by a Buddhist teacher, Doseongguksa, in 827 AD. There are many folk tales related to Doseongguksa in Mt. Biseulsan. This temple is a good place for meditation due to its quiet surroundings. Peaks and rock cliffs of various shapes surround the temple like a screen and give a serene beauty. Sudoam Hermitage and Doseongam Hermitage are located a bit farther up. Behind the Doseongam Hermitage is Dotongbawi Rock, on which Doseongguksa is said to have won heavenly wisdom.
Address :
144 Yang-ri, Okpo-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu
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